3rd Place Winner

Why We Dance

Submitted by: Moses Latigo Odida

London, ON

Following the discoveries of mass graves of Indigenous children across Canada, Sierra Jamieson, a Jingle Dress dancer, explains why dancing is central to her culture.

About Moses Latigo Odida:

As a filmmaker born into destitution in Uganda, Moses Latigo Odida has developed a critical understanding of the egregious realities that befall marginalized communities. He has learned that marginalized people can experience a degree of liberation when their stories are told well. For this reason, Moses created a production company called Kigaana, which means storytelling in Moses’ mother tongue. His goal is to tell liberating stories through a visual medium. He is convinced that the filmmaker’s craft is integral to instigating change by providing a creative mechanism for truth-telling that leads to justice.

3rd Place Winner