My Ontario Award

Open Waters

Submitted by: Jake Godfrey

Toronto, ON

“Open Waters” is a poetic expositional documentary about the practice of open-water swimming in Lake Ontario. The film follows Rob Kent, founder of the Lake Ontario Swim Team (or L.O.S.T.), during his team’s first training session of the year in February 2022. The film highlights the comradery, passion, and fortitude as the swimmers take an icy plunge into Lake Ontario. Directed by Santiago Belalcázar, written by Patrick Borgers, and produced by Sneha Sharma and Jake Godfrey, “Open Waters” is all about finding the little adventures in life.

About Jake Godfrey:

Jake Godfrey is a Type 1 diabetic, cameraman and film producer. He’s loved making movies since he saw the original Star Wars trilogy at six years old. Jake and his brother then set out to make short stop-motion films with LEGO sets and a Sony Handycam HDV on DV cassette tapes. In 2019, Jake earned a degree in Film Studies from the University of Western Ontario, and while at school, he pursued a freelance career doing small commercials and content for the clients like Camp Celtic and Hempsmith.

My Ontario Award