People's Choice Nominee

Bark Bus

Submitted by: Graeme Bachiu

Cayuga, ON

In an old-school bus with no seats, Linval Stewart and his 12 German Shepherds take a road trip from their home in Norfolk County to visit their vet, Dr. Brett Warren, in downtown Oakville. Linval plans his trips and errands around the needs of the dogs, specifically their need to have bathroom breaks in places where he can keep an eye on their safety. As he drives, Linval describes a nightmare he had as a child about dogs and how his furry friends have helped him overcome that fear.

About Graeme Bachiu:

Graeme Bachiu is the creative mind behind Windecker Road Films. With over a quarter century of experience in broadcast TV and film production, Graeme has hands-on success in every aspect of production and has developed a unique storytelling voice. In 2015, Graeme made the decision to focus on telling stories and launched Windecker Road Films out of a converted 125-year-old church in rural Ontario. Graeme’s films have screened at festivals around the world and often reflect unique characteristics of rural Ontario.

His recent documentary work includes Making Things Count: Pandemic Postcards (2020), Canfield Roots (2021), Shane Dreams of Sweet Corn (2022) and Definitely The Hard Way (2022), many of which have been featured on PBS. In 2021, Graeme was named a Breakthrough Fellow by the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), and in 2022, he was honoured with the President’s Award from the Ontario Historical Society for his work on the Canfield Roots documentary.

 People's Choice Nominee

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